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June 26, 2009


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Your first sentence should probably read "Remember when Michael Jackson did that movie, and he turned into a Transformer because Joe Pesci with a Japanese topknot and a cadre of faceless goons tried to inject a kid with heroin?" It makes so much more immediate sense with that addendum.

The last 20 seconds of that clip are kind of devastating now.

By the way, longtime reader, first time poster.

Tom Russell


I mean, just...

... wow.


Joe Pesci turned up on BBC or Sky News last night talking about his friend Michael Jackson and I sat there thinking "When did they ever work together?" Thanks for answering that question. JF is right - I didn't expect to be moved by anything in that clip but the ending had me blinking quite a bit.


You know, I used to love this movie as a kid. Now, as an adult, it's kind of an uncomfortable glimpse into Jackson's psyche.


I like the way that all Pesci can do it shout nothing stronger than "Shut up" at Michael and the kid, yet the film glorified in the deaths of many faceless goons. What kind of a message was that? Adn think of all that pollution caused by the explosion that kills Pesci...no wonder he had to do Earth Song later on to atone for it!

"The last 20 seconds of that clip are kind of devastating now"

You know, watching it now it makes me think that he one-upped the Scientologists there. After all what is planning for aliens to come and take you off in their spaceships set against actually turning into a spaceship and leaving three cute children gagging on your exhaust fumes?

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