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July 01, 2009


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I hate to be a Grammar Troll, Glenn, but "I could have" should be "I could of". These sorts of mistakes are just embarrassing, and I expect more from you.

Glenn Kenny

@Bill: Very funny. Fixed, as it were...


By the way, as I have no interest whatsoever in "Morphformlings: Here Are Some Robots", I haven't delved into the racial controversy very deeply. I must say that what I HAVE heard makes it sound pretty offensive, but there doesn't seem to be quite the firestorm I thought there would be. I've heard complaints from white critics -- which I specify not in any condescending way, but only because they've been my source on this so far -- but that's it.


@bill: The Grammar Troll ought to know that "could of" is not proper grammar. To correct from "could have" to "could of" is the equivalent of changing from "as well" to "aswell", or "I'm going to go lie down" with "I'm going to go lay down".

Glenn Kenny

@Everyone: I think Bill was making a joke. The original Bay e-mail, which I linked to, has him using "could of" rather than "could have." In my first version of the post I corrected it, but reconsidered and put it back in its original Bay form.

I'm not sure this post is quite working though. Maybe I just shoulda said, "I was in Burger King yesterday and I overheard this discussion of 'Transformers'..." just to be more clear about what I was getting at. Seemed a bit dull, though.


@Max - Glenn's right -- I was joking. I was going to respond with a comment full of all sorts of grammatical errors, but now I can't, and it's probably for the best.

And Glenn, I got where this post was coming from. If that's any consolation.

Ian W. Hill

That WOULD have been dull, Glenn. This made me laugh. Much better.


@bill: Yeah...this is all very obvious to me now. I'm going to stop writing comments when I just woke up.

Don't I feel like an idiot. I'll have to change my username and relocate, Witness Protection Program style.


Thanks for the link to the Bay letter. "My good friend Steven" put a smile on my face.


OH, that was an ACTUAL EXCERPT from a Bay letter. That makes it even funnier, and now I understand the joke. Well played.

Jeff McMahon

In a weird way, what this exchange tells us is how wrong Bay was - what audiences are responding to is Optimus Prime, the strongest and most interesting 'character' in the movie. Not Megatron, a big dark pointy blur.

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