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June 10, 2009


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Keith Uhlich

I'm curious if this post came about because of the whole Andrew Sarris debacle, or if it's just a happy (perhaps karma-induced) accident? Either way, good timing…


"the whole Andrew Sarris debacle"

Zuh? What'd I miss?

Ryan Kelly

Bill, Sarris was fired from his reviewing position at the New York Observer. Though T-Rex was allowed to keep his position.

What kind of ass-backwards world are we living in? Soon we'll be wearing hats on our feet and hamburgers will EAT PEOPLE.


A Fake Rex Reed Quote from the full day celebration of ripping Rex Reed a new A-Hole festival on Twitter:

“I’m up for the Glenn Kenny role in the THE BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE, the sequel to THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. I can act.”

Matthias Galvin


good call on the Simpsons quote.
Someday, I hope to go to Rand McNally, though (as you pointed out) it seems like Rand McNally is coming here.

Shame about Andrew Sarris, and just after his wife published the book.

Sal C.

"Adam Lambert doing something, somewhere, circa 2009"
"I understand Mr. Lambert is an entertainer, of a sort."
C'mon, Glenn - don't be one of those guys. We all know who Adam Lampert is, even if we haven't watch a minute of American Idol. Ever.

(And for those of you who are gonna say, "Actually Sal, I really had no idea who Mr. Lambert is," consider this a preemptive "Pfft!" to you.)

Glenn Kenny

@Sal C: What can I tell you? Like the '50s strip club comics used to say, these are the jokes. Of course I know who Lambert is. And if you really want to play, I will bet you real money that he'll never cut a record as good as a random Kelly Clarkson single. Or move as many units, for that matter.


I missed the announcement of Andy Sarris' termination at the Observer. If anyone has a link (or is this still whispered bad news this point...)?

Of course, the fact that any paper would let him go is the definition of outragous short-sightedness. All nods to Agee, Farber, Kael et al aside, I'd argue that the man basically INVENTED serious American film criticism. All of us are in his debt and the only bright spot is that he no longer has a need to see "Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

We are also, I'd add, all in Sarris' shadow. Despite the rather cut-and-dried rankings of "The American Cinema," Andy has always been a gentleman -- his reviews, even today (when you would expect his patience to grow short -- lord knows, mine has) are good-natured and respectful. He has, in short, always given people the benefit of the doubt, even when they failed to live up to his expectations. And that's an attitude that grows rarer every day, and with every post.

That said, please let's not use this horrific dismissal as an excuse to dump on Rex Reed.

There are many reasons to argue with his taste in film -- although he's hardly as predictably reactionary as some assume (Yes, he hated "Oldboy," and with a kimchee vigor -- but he also loved "Irreversible." Go figure.)

But -- lord -- his personality profiles from the "New Journalism" era are about as good as it gets. (Ava Gardner, Tennessee Williams, even Alice Cooper -- all gems).

Was Sarris an influence, as I stumbled toward my own precarious slot in this career? Yes -- and Carlos Clarens, and Manny Farber, and James Agee and, of course, Pauline Kael served as signposts, as well.

But sitting on the floor of my grandmother's sewing room, reading Rex Reed ledes about Sandy Dennis coming into a room like a Yellow Cab with both doors open? Yeah, him too. And he deserves a little credit for that, at least.


Glenn, you are so lucky you quit joking around and admitted you know who Adam Lambert is. I was getting so pissed off, I don't even know what!

Glenn Kenny

Well. I'm finally back home, and no longer obliged to comment via Blackberry.

And yes, I do think it's awful about Andrew. What Jean-Luc Godard said about Orson Welles applies here, for me, Mr. Whitty, and so, so many others—and I may just devote an entire post to this sentiment, so don't call me out if I do—"All of us will always owe him everything."

But honestly—the only reason I concocted this post was because, at the gym this morning, they were running Access Hollywood on one of the sets (okay, five of the sets) and there was all this random footage of Lambert, and I'm thinking, "He looks like SOMEONE..." and then it hits me. And that's why. Really.

I still have never heard Mr. Lambert sing.


The first time I saw Lambert on American Idol (yeah, I watch it), I thought "Dude looks like Rex Reed."

Jett Loe

I understand Mr. Reed has a fine singing voice

Dan Coyle

Having watched Rocky 6 the other night- You heard me, Rocky SIX, goddamnit! I momentarily thought that was Milo Ventimgilia for a second.

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