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June 05, 2009


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I'm going to guess that the "Criterion with attitude" label was the aptly-christened "No Shame."

Glenn Kenny

Nope. That label had its problems, mostly in the area of PAL-to-NTSC transfers. But they put out some stuff I still treasure, and not all that badly. I'm with DVD Beaver, for instance, on the No Shame disc of Antonioni's "Cronaca di un amore:"


Ryan Kelly

I really need to get myself a Region Free DVD player--- so much great stuff isn't available in this country. I tend to rely on the internet for stuff that isn't available here, but I'm starting to feel bad about that.

What I would love is a Region Free-Upconverting-DVDR. Do they even make those?

Aaron Aradillas

How does one go about making an 81-page booklet?

Glenn Kenny

@AA: Rather carefully, I would imagine.

craig keller.

Aaron, haven't you ever heard of "a poem in heroic couplets, of nine hundred ninety-nine lines"?

In all seriousness, the book is either 78 pages, or 80, depending on whether or not you count the front and back covers (which we tend to do, since they usually contain some sort of content that wouldn't necessarily be out of place, say, on the inside of the book/let[s]).

Aaron Aradillas

Damnit Craig, I'm an English major, not a literary expert.


Multi-region would murder my wallet. Honestly, I've got a forty-movie backlog of stuff I OWN, and "Last Year at Marienbad" is finally hitting from Criterion this month too. Plus Netflix. Plus Netflix On Demand. Oof!

Jim Gabriel

I say this as someone who has at least a little self-control when it comes to p2p and the like - why would anyone shell out big coin for a region-free player when so many models are so easily, deliciously hackable? A few easy steps on your remote and you're off to the races.


Problem is, Jim, some of those hacks aren't perfect. I had one that only played about half the Region 2 discs I tried. And if you have a Panasonic you're shit out of luck as there are supposedly no codes.
I found a new region-free Philips player on eBay for $50 including shipping, and it also has a USB jack to so I can hook up portable drives to play media. That's not really a lot to spend.

As for Eureka, I only have Fritz Lang's Spies but it's a very nice disc. Glenn is also correct that BFI has been putting out some damn good releases, though the R2 company Second Run should be mentioned as well. Among other things, they have a good selection of Czech films, including Marketa Irglova and Vera Chytilova's Daisies, the latter of which just came out last week and is ESSENTIAL viewing.


A closed Kenny thread! Is this a first? Anyway, I want to know who won, and I'd like to post here what was going to be my only input on the thread (aside from encouraging that Josh's table/penis comment be chosen):

To don & the other one who got upset about this - though some of the captions are indeed a bit nasty I think mostly it's in a spirit of good fun. I've enjoyed the exercise and I don't despise Swanberg at all - in fact I quite liked LOL. I have some doubts about how much of his work will hold up and how much derives its interest from the freshness of his approach and the interest around a new film movement (qualities which he actively cultivates - see his SXSW trailers for "Hannah Takes the Stairs"). However - and here's a point which should definitively separate me from Glenn! - I think Swanberg's got a great screen presence and his cameo in Quiet City was one of the highlights of that film for me.

Point being, I enjoyed this thread without hating Swanberg, so I think it's possible (and if that's not evidence enough, Tom pitched in with his own dig and we all know how he feels about Joe).

As for mumblecore proper, I'm intrigued but not entirely overwhelmed...except by Bujalski, who I think is a major filmmaker, possibly the best to emerge in the past 10 years. At least this is my first impression after initial viewings of Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation. These are the only two films I've seen which transcend the "movement." And don't get me started on the loathsome Guatemalan Handshake (sorry, filmbrain) which was for some reason listed as "mumblecore" on wikipedia. Unfortunately, this led me to rent it. I made it about 45 minutes, for which I think I deserve some sort of medal.

OK, continue with the grain discussion.


Er, make that Eureka!/Masters of Cinema discussion (thought I posted this on the other thread - now it has even less of a chance at hitting its mark...)

Tom Russell

"(and if that's not evidence enough, Tom pitched in with his own dig and we all know how he feels about Joe)"

The lure of free Criterion was just too much for this former Criterion-Junkie to resist. I unfortunately haven't purchased a Criterion since The Life Aquatic due to the meager state of my finances at that time (and that one only because it was only $25); since said finances have steadily gotten worse, I don't see such a purchase in the near future. So a free Criterion, and ANDRE to boot-- well, we all have our price and I guess that's mine. I don't expect mine to win but, hey, I had to try.

To lean more to the topic under discussion, Masters of Cinema look to be absolutely gorgeous and compelling and I'm going to order a whole bunch of them and a multi-Region player to play them on...

... when I can start buying Criterions again. :-(


I'm always stunned at the amount of cool shit available on R2 discs.

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