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June 28, 2009


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Jason M.

Red Desert is one of the greatest color films, or at least certainly one of the greatest uses of color in film (though I personally would go with both). All that to say, this Blu-ray (as well as the BFI dvd) is the first video version I've seen that does the movie justice. It's flat-out stunning. Glad you've been able to get a chance to see it, Glenn.


Whoops--you mean "i.e.," not "e.g."

Glenn Kenny

@Gene, you're missing my extremely clever "Get Shorty" reference...

warren oates

Glad to see that you're region-free for Blu-ray. Me too, with the Momitsu from HKFlix via DVDBeaver's rave review. And my whole motivation for doing it was the BFI's RED DESERT disc. I've never seen a more beautiful picture on home video. And I agree with Jason M. above, the Blu-ray is a revelation and instantly places the work among the greatest color films ever made.

Norm Wilner

Am I a terrible person if I say I bought my Momitsu for "Son of Rambow" and "Trainspotting" and "Shallow Grave"?

I did buy "The Bed Sitting Room" in that first wave of purchases, though, and it's looking like "Tokyo Sonata" will be at the top of the next one, along with "Hardware", "Withnail & I" and Soderbergh's "Che" diptych.

Come to think of it, is there anywhere in New York that sells import BDs, or am I just asking for too much?

Glenn Kenny

@ Norm: Yes, you are a terrible person.

Come on, don't be silly! Those are three creditable films. For myself, I'm very much looking forward to the French Blu-ray of "Dobermann..."

The old St. Mark's Mondo Kims used to sell import DVDs, almost all standard def. I rather doubt they'll take to selling import Blu-rays at their new, smaller location.

And of course there are oodles of Blu-ray imports—exclusively Asian ones, mind you—all over Chinatown. My current favorite outlet, whose name escapes me at the moment, is on Chrystie Street near Hester.

Norm Wilner

Thanks, I'll check it out this weekend -- haven't been back to the city since this time last year, and I'm kind of curious to see what the DVD landscape looks like now that Kim's has vacated its old digs.

I've grown very fond of a great used CD and DVD place on 18th, across from the City Bakery ... please tell me it's still running ...


I've just inadvertently made my first Blu-Ray purchase with Tokyo Sonata (I had ordered that anthology film Tokyo! but there must have been a mix up at the depot!)

However I was going to get the Kurosawa in my next wave of purchases so all is well! I've just got to figure out how to work this darn Playstation until I get a dedicated player. :-Z

Norm Wilner

It looks like the "Tokyo Sonata" BD is playable in all regions:


The standard-def extras are even in NTSC, so your PS3 will have no reason to protest.

Glenn Kenny

@Norm: Indeed on that "Sonata" MOC disc. Normally I'd be a little squirelly about such a thing, as I was about the foreign region disc of the Dardenne's "Lorna" taking away from the eventual domestic disc. But IFC does such a perfunctory job with its discs that I feel no such qualms in this case.

As for that store on 18th St., don't know it. Was never much of a used disc purchaser.

Ryan Kelly

Damn... I was relegated to TCM's print of "The Bed-Sitting Room". It looked good, but still a pretty washed out print. Then I downloaded a torrent of it and it was an even more washed out VHS rip of it. Sigh.

I don't think I can afford a Blu-Ray right now, let a lone a region-free one. You are the envied.

Ryan Kelly

"The envied"? Even I don't know what I mean by that...

Glenn Kenny

@ Ryan: Might make a good film title!

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