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June 11, 2009


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"Zac Efron Is About to Cum in Hollywood's Face"

S.F. Hunger

Bradley Cooper may not have Hollwood by the balls, but what Angelina did was really uncool.

S.F. Hunger

Also, is it just me, or is Cooper doing a kind of variant on the Kubrick Stare in that photo? The Hangover could've used some of that.


Tracy Morgan Wants to Take You Behind the Middle-School and Get You Pregnant.

Adam R.

"Details magazine - a really good publication if you have run out of cologne"



LOL @ bedheadeaded & S.F. Hunger, but, bottom line, for better or worse, print media is dead. Or, at least dying. I'm not sure what I'll be able to purchase in the airport gift shop in years to come, but I'm pretty sure it won't be Details. God Speed.

Dan Coyle

Bradley Cooper wants to knock up Sarah Palin's daughter. no, not that one, the OTHER one.


"Eric Bana, in the new Star Trek movie—spoiler alert, I suppose—gets totally smoked by Kirk (or was it Spock?..."

It was both! Well, I liked the movie anyway.


Haley Joel Osment: Ex-Wunderkind Prepares to Blow Up Your School

Justin Theroux is Going to Fuck Your Wife in Front of You

Eli Roth to Hollywood: Get on Your Knees and Open Your Fucking Mouth

Ben Foster Wants You to be His Power Bottom

Zach Galifinakis: Andy Kaufman Can Drink His Piss

John Krasinski: He'll Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Forget You're Being Felched


@bedheadeaded: While I laughed at a lot of the cover lines, Justin Theroux and Eli Roth in particular, I almost threw up laughing at yours.

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