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June 19, 2009


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Steven Santos

Before I was even on Twitter, I never would think of saying out loud, "I have to find out what that Twitter thing is all about", as if it is the final piece to world domination I've been seeking. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace didn't exist 5 years ago. What are the chances they will exist 5 years from now?

I do find it funny that the second guy you mention is looking for newer and hipper ways to buy guns rather than patronize his local illegal gun dealer.


Well, at least people found a more legitimate use for Twitter this past month, with those in the midst of the Iran election getting out the word, instantly, about how f***ed up it all was, minus the major network news filters.

Twitter's basically just brief comments about what's happening in whomoever's universe (be it a celebrity, a politician, or just a regular bloke in Iran), Glenn, and I believe the reason it's become so popular is because it's got an interface that's easy to use if you've got a cell phone/Blackberry Internet connection. Quick comments, regular updates.

Facebook's pretty useful is you want to do some quick Instant Messaging with a friend or acquaintance, but I've never put any pictures of myself or my family members online. It blows my mind how many folks are so willing to post pics of their toddlers in an online scrapbook.

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