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June 26, 2009


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That Roger Simon article doesn't blame Obama for anything, you know.

Anyway, Ed McMahon lived a good, long life, and good for him. I have no connection with Fawcett, but I'm still very sad about her passing, just because she was a human being, and she suffered.

Jackson, on the other hand... Well, I'm shocked, but I haven't worked up any sense of sadness about it yet.

Steven Santos

That Simon article reminds me of this site I discovered a few days ago:


Keep clicking on the text.

I do feel that our culture forces us to participate in a collective media mourning. Personally, I felt Fawcett was pretty good in a couple of movies and t.v. movies. I thought Michael Jackson had a few okay songs but never owned any of his albums. And, let's face it, Ed McMahon was best known for sitting on a couch and laughing at someone else's jokes. Their personal lives were, how shall I put this, a little complicated.

I feel bad if anyone passes on, but death doesn't erase the complexities of one's life before that nor should it make people suddenly appreciate a body of work they were unenthusiastic about before. Though it is sort of sad now watching the deaths of McMahon, Fawcett, and especially Jackson become little more than about feeding the beast of a media-sanctioned catharsis.

Michael Adams

Money is Amis' masterpiece, the best American novel ever written by a Brit.


@Michael - "Money is Amis' masterpiece..."



No, it's 'Money' - 'London Fields' tries too hard to be a masterpiece to actually be one.


It tries so hard that it succeeds! I win!


Actually, I thought Cheney sicced his assassination squad to get Michael so as to push Mark Sanford out of the news cycle. Score another one for The Divertor.

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