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May 12, 2009


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Ed Howard

Great stuff. I've always maintained that this was one of Godard's best 60s films, and now that it's readily available on a wonderful DVD, maybe more people will come to the same realization.


Suddenly, I feel strangely compelled to watch this film.

Ed Howard

It takes the promise of boobs to get Bill to watch a Godard film. Good screencap choice, Glenn.


@our host: You're a charming and articulate man. That said, you keep springing these (pleasant to the eye, admittedly) surprises on me at work, I'm gonna wait until YOU get an office job, and then send you some interoffice mail that consists entirely of Swank centerfolds.


I would say the Erotic Connoisseur has gone too far...no, wait I wouldn't.

Not far enough!

Tim Lucas

Nothing wrong with watching Godard as ambient video. He would be the first to say (well, the second, since I'm saying it) that cinema can be many things, including a map to independent action.

Isn't Macha beautiful? A sadly neglected Muse of the Seventh Art. Great in DEEP RED.

"You have killed... and you will... kill again!"

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