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May 21, 2009


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"The next day, I tell my therapist. She does not laugh. “That’s part of what you pay me for,” she explains."


A very entertaining read, as usual. 'Your-Less-Than-Boring-Ass-Life'.


This was in the onion avclub's review posted today:

...but it really pays off in a cameo by film critic Glenn Kenny, who brings a hilariously sleazy theatricality to the role of an “escort critic” who expects graft for his reviews. Their shadow economy operates a lot like the one in collapse: If you want to stay in business, you have to keep greasing the wheel.

The people have spoken.

Herman Scobie

Tony Scott sez "He is played by Glenn Kenny, a film critic and entertainment writer — and thus a cordial screening-room acquaintance of mine — with a combination of grandiose self-regard and theatrical self-disgust that recalls Orson Welles in his Paul Masson wine commercials."

Pete Segall

To keep the chorus going, David Edelstein: "The voluble blogger-critic Glenn Kenny plays a blogger-critic—of call girls! In the movie’s most vivid scene, Kenny is degenerate appetite incarnate, negotiating with Chelsea the price of a good review while paving the way for a career as the Sydney Greenstreet of underground cinema."

Diane Rainey

Reading the review of Girlfriend Experience, the name Glenn Kenny rings from far in my psyche. Willam Paterson College, early 1980's. It's all a blur. We worked together on the college newspaper. I was afraid of you.
Good to see you've made it so far, Glenn.
Diane Hart-Rainey

Tom Russell

And according to Dana Stevens-- not your favourite colleague, true-- your performance was "superb".

Ron Goldberg

Reprint the original My Life In Porn I-IV!


That was also funny. The first part seemed funnier and hopeful with all those wise cracking friends and new opportunities turning up. The second part is harsh reality.


Well, that was quite an insight into Soderbergh's process... Nice to know that the Red cameras are working out for him. Also, you can take solace in the fact that, not having seen the film yet, I'm now even more motivated to do it by how spectacularly uncomfortable your scene looks to be :-)


Well, Ben Lyons gave the film a "See It" on At The Movies, which I'm sure will better help you sleep at night, Glenn. ;)

The other Ben only gave it a "Rent It", though...said it was too vague with its timelines, generating more confusion than it should have. Oh well.

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