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May 17, 2009


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Meanwhile, I oh so wish that you'd gone Cannes; would love to have heard your thought on von Trier's latest.

Glenn Kenny

@bemo: Damn! I know! Fights such as this one are my favorites! Also, the new Marins film was playing in the market! I knew I was gonna kick myself over not having been able to go...but could not have predicted quite why. Helas...


For next year, promise me that you'll hold a web-fundraiser; I'll gladly contribute!


She looks like she's staying in character while trying to keep the cheetah from going after the cameraman.


I was going to bring up the Von Trier fiasco/misunderstanding. Elsewhere on this vast internet, myself and others have been having a heated debate about "Dancer in the Dark", which I hate, but I still find him intereting. Sometimes, anyway. But the idea of him tackling the horror genre makes me mighty curious, and I also wonder if that genre is what is putting off so many of the Cannes people, more than the film itself. But who knows.

D Cairns

Patricia Laffan's career MAKES NO SENSE -- she went basically straight from Quo Vadis to Devil Girl from Mars, a hilarious British B-sci-fi flick. And thence, nowhere. What was going on with her? She's still with us -- I should get her number and ask her straight out.


A film doesn't have to be good to contain an image that will last forever. Patricia Laffan as the Devil Girl from Mars, definitely.

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