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May 19, 2009


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Ryan Kelly

For what it's worth, I noticed the Jackson thing but honestly thought he was in it. Irony is lost on me, y'see. Next time you make a joke, please be sure to include a road-map.

Agent Provacateur

ARMOND WHITE SAYS: Only those who have personally encountered Glenn Kenny can say whether he deserves being preserved in an oafish, Shrek-like performance.There’s no indication that Ms. Grey or Glenn Kenny understand they’ve been horribly used. Shame, Mr. Soderbergh.

When was the last time someone in the NYC film community walked up to White and slapped him across the face?

Ryan Kelly

In that same review he claims Ronald Reagan was President when "Manhttan" came out in 1979... so yeah, I'm not sure whether he's in a position to judge who was or was not used.


That was very funny.

Dan Coyle

I watched the film last night, in a 77 minute cut that was made available on XBox LIVE. Only 800 MS Points! I thought it was a good film, not one of Soderbergh's best, but I've never liked Koppleman and Levien all that much, and this film didn't change my mind. By the "end", if you can call it that, I strangely found myself wanting something "bad" to happen to Chelsea, even though I liked her a lot and Grey did a very good job playing her. It's just that the film felt a bit unfinished, even though the scene it ended on was well done. Then again, I'm given to understand the theatrical cut is different.

Grey might have a real future as an actress, though in a way Chelsea is simply an extension of the strange persona that Glenn profiled for the Beast.

Dude, I feel like walking up to Armond White and SLUGGING him.

don r. lewis

I'm still waiting for the day when GK realizes he helped make a mumblecore movie....

Francois Twat

Armond White does not practice film criticism. What he does reminds me of crank-calling, except he doesn't even have the balls to want to listen to the person on the other end. Here's what all of his reviews add up to:

"I'm the only person who dislikes/likes this movie."
"Anyone who dislikes/likes this movie is a fool."
"Here's another movie that is better than this movie that I disliked."
"Here's one of my favorite songs, which is better/as good as this movie."
"God bless America."
"God bless Spielberg."
"All of you are fools."

Ryan Kelly

You forgot one: "If I happen to like a movie that has been stamped with approval by the critical establishment, they don't appreciate it for the same complex reasons I do. The opposite is also true."


And, of course: "hipsters."

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