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May 03, 2009


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Douglas Arthur

I'm sensing a theme.

Eric Lowe

Masseur training film?

larry aydlette

I'm not sure what film this is from, but I know that Schrader stole/homaged it for a scene in American Gigolo. That scene is about all I can remember from the film, except for the Blondie song.

Ed Howard

Unless I'm mistaken, these shots are all from Godard's great *A Married Woman*, in which sexuality and desire are condensed into abstracted, disconnected images, the body chopped-up and rarely allowed to exist as a whole. It's a great film, and it has long been the missing link in Godard's 60s oeuvre, condemned to lousy public domain releases until the recent Masters of Cinema disc in the UK.

Interestingly, there are very similar shots in Agnes Varda's *Le bonheur*, which came out only a year later. When I saw the Varda film, I wondered if she was aware of Godard's film and was consciously referencing him, especially since the films share similar themes but with the male and female roles more or less reversed.

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