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April 01, 2009


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Oh my, That's really GREAT news :) *does the dance of happy*

best wishes


"You bastards!" is right -- assuming their announcement of finding the complete print of "Greed" is the usual lame April Fool's joke.

Glenn Kenny

The "Greed" bit is the tip-off that the whole thing's a joke. Oh, the cruelty...


Well, this is why dull, literal-minded suckers like me have always hated April 1 (and spend the day with our big backs just targeted for kick-me signs).

Guess I'll hang my head and sign off now, and go watch my pristine 35mm print of "London After Midnight." Or that director's-cut of "Ambersons" that just turned up in a silver mine in Colorado...


Oh this is cruel, cruel I tell you, crueler than Miriam Hopkins in "The Old Maid" cruel. They totally had me too up until the "Greed" bit.

*goes off to cry into her lace hanky*


Ha, that's a good one.

On a related note, "Detour" is one of the craziest movies I've ever seen, and Ann Savage is one of the craziest things the world has yet known. "You wouldn't dare...you're CHICKEN!" Not much of a line on paper, but I rewound it so I could listen to her say it a good half dozen times.


God DAMN it.


I sooo fell for it HAHA :D

robert bresson

hey guys thought you might like to know i’ve started a twitter feed called “notes on cinematography - the twitter feed:" http://twitter.com/robertbresson

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