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April 28, 2009


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You've omitted the excellent, and extremely witty Hong Kong critic Paul Fonoroff, long of the South China Morning Post (and also author of 2 great books on HK Cinema), who has been pressed into service as various gwailo characters in numerous HK productions, including films by Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow, since the 1980s.

Pete Segall

What about Amy Taubin in Wavelength?

c mason wells

There's also Jonathan Rosenbaum in Raynal's HOTEL NEW YORK, which, coincidentally, is screening tonight at FIAF (for those without tix to GFE, of course).

Matt Prigge

Eric Rohmer is hilarious in his scene with Jean-Pierre Léaud in Out 1.

Herman Scobie

Once a critic, as Shirley Temple can attest, Graham Greene is memorable as the insurance agent in DAY FOR NIGHT.


Thanks for this post, Glenn (and the comments!)I've been, er, interested, in this sort of thing of late and here you've layed it all out. Looking VERY forward to seeing your turn in GFE.

Monroe Hawkins

Gene Shalit was in Behind the Green Door. He was the guy in the corner wearing only a pair of black socks and sock garters during the gangbang scene.

Arthur S.

Rohmer is also terrific in Luc Moullet's BRIGITTE ET BRIGITTE where he plays a stuffy sociology professor insisting that his students attack the violence in American movies.

I don't believe Godard was a film-maker when he shot the cameo for Rivette's PARIS NOUS APPRTIENT. He steals the entire film in his hilarious cameo in that film, looking uber-cool in those goggles while laying back on a sidewalk cafe.

Sean Means

I was an accidental extra in "Plan 10 From Outer Space," the underground sci-fi film (and Sundance 1995 "Park City at Midnight" entry) by Utah filmmaker Trent Harris. I was reporting about the making of the movie, in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City on a Sunday afternoon (when it's deserted), when Trent yelled, "Hey, Sean, you been in a shot yet?" So I became one of the dozens of people running away in terror from the beehive-shaped flying saucers.
Sean Means, movie critic, The Salt Lake Tribune

D Cairns

British broadsheet journalist Peter Bradshaw (of The Guardian, I think), co-starred in a sitcom. I actually had to think about that pretty hard to be sure I didn't just dream it. I think he was the co-author, so it's easy to see how it could have come about, really. The comedy-writing gig is harder to account for.

Jake Wilson

Here in Australia, the noted critic John Flaus for many years sustained a prolific career as a character actor in film and TV. Now semi-retired, he still does voiceovers for a lot of political campaign ads, and I once saw him onstage in a fine production of Krapp’s Last Tape.

Another Australian critic/actor is Frank Bren, author of Hong Kong Cinema: A Cross-Cultural View. His most prominent film role may be in Sensitive New Age Killer.

Jason M.

Speaking of the Erotic Connoisseur, Glenn, according to Hoberman, sounds like you're now responsible for The Girlfriend Experience's "most shocking bit of prose."




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Mr "Bomb to 4 Stars" Leonard Maltin being attacked in Gremlins 2. Justice is finally served for dumbing down film reviews to 3 lines in a thick blue book.

Peter Debruge

Your role in The Girlfriend Experience caught me completely by surprise and earned a big laugh of recognition at Sundance.

The last time I remember being blindsided by a film critic cameo was in Henry Jaglom's Hollywood Dreams (which I suspect no one saw), when F.X. Feeney turned up to interview the movie star within the movie.

Meanwhile, I'm growing accustomed to seeing my "junketeer" friends (the journalists who attend press days and set visits for movies on the studio's dime) pop up in cameos. Seems there's a trend afoot to use them as extras while on set doing their stories.

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