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April 10, 2009


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What's utterly exasperating about the OBSERVE AND REPORT thing is that (SPOILER, I guess) he *stops* when he realizes she may be passed-out, then she tells him to keep going. So heroin, beating up skateboarders and point-blank gunshots are good for comedy; date-rape, not so much. Not that I disagree, but c'mon. This is a controversy?

It's not even that good a movie, fer chrissakes.

Randy Byers

I have to confess that all the racial stuff went right over my head. I was too busy being bored by Carl Brisson and Kitty Carlisle. Loved the sea of peacock fans, however. (Or were they ostrich?) But yeah, I was jolted by "The Rape of the Rhapsody" too.


Great to see Paramount's pre-Codes finally coming out on DVD.

Any address for the Gary Giddins quote? Is he still reviewing DVDs? The N.Y. Sun archive of his articles ended last September.

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