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April 02, 2009


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Sam Adams

Don't forget that the previously-issued Criterion standard-def is now out of print. If you haven't yet, now's the time to buy.


Indeed bad news. Both me and Fiancé had been looking forward to it!


@Sam Adams

Any well-stocked DVD store still has it, and copies will be there for a looooooong time. The store I go to regularly just finally unloaded its copy of "Dead Ringers".


That is a real bummer.

I have very distinct memories of seeing of the first time and being completely blown away. I've been hoping for a release in a format that would do it full justice.

BTW: I have the other Some Came Running blog. However it is named for the book, so I suspect the world is big enough for the both of us.


This is indeed bad news. Do you know why Contempt was also taken off the Criterion Blu-ray schedule? Or why Fallen Angels is NOT being released on Blu-ray by Kino after they announced it would be their first release?


Commander Kenny, this is has nil to do with your RAN harangue, but have you received any of The Warner Archives films yet in your mailbox and, if so, will readers get a chance to read of your smiles or frowns regarding the sound, visual context and packaging of these treasures from the vault?

Glenn Kenny

@THE FUTURIST!: Just got five I ordered. Getting to it. Packaging is minimal. First ten minutes of "All Fall Down" look good. More to come soon!

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