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April 13, 2009


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Susie Bright

What an exquisite still.

And I appreciate you, so much, giving her some due. I've been looking at the news all day since I got the phone call, just shocked. Her daughter! She loved her daughter so very much. This is so sad.

I wrote this b/c I can't really think about much else today. Most people will never get beyond "porn star" whatever they think that means.


I know you will understand...

thank you again.


Glenn- Beautiful image, and a really interesting bit there with Cronenberg. I might have to revisit that film tonight in some form of honor. Marilyn rocked it wherever she went and whatever she was in.

Susie- That's a really lovely, touching tribute. Thank you for sharing.


Sad news and Glenn's giant still and header matches the impact this has had on me.

This is a beautiful clip from (I think) the end of one of her films, very 70's, very low key, and under the circumstances for me, almost unbearable touching.



Thanks Glenn for the wonderful tribute. I have added a link to it at my own over at Moon in the Gutter. Her work in Rabid will always haunt me, and I am just really shocked by the news of her passing.


I think Lords managed a clean break because she was underage, and therefore "exploited", whereas women who were legal "knew what they were getting into." It's not pleasant, but I'd lay down money that's what more people than you'd think would say.


I cannot stop thinking about her passing and it is hard to explain why. I never met her. However, I have one unforgettable memory. In the late 1980s she gave one of her last and famous strip club performances in Cleveland, OH and was arrested for lewd contact with customers.
What I won't forget was the feature news event coverage given at 11 pm. All the commentators were smiling and laughing about it. The reporter on the scene was interviewing Marilyn standing in the cold. Both were laughing about the entire thing. Everyone seemed happy about it, probably even the police.

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