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April 01, 2009


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Ryan Kelly

It couldn't have happened to a nicer critic.

Pete Segall

Is this going to be like Bubble with the simultaneous theatrical/DVD/HDNet releases? (I suppose it wouldn't really be hard to find this out for myself, but there's something cool about getting information from The Source.)

Account Deleted

GREAT poster. Can see this springing up in student dorms all over the world.


I like it, myself. :-)

Cole Smithey

I must agree. This is a seriously cool poster. Congrats!


Does Soderbergh have a hand in the design of his posters? They always seem to be really cool. I have the Out of Sight one (http://www.impawards.com/1998/out_of_sight.html ) hanging in my office.

don r. lewis

I heard it hits VOD in like, 3 weeks before theaters which....seems weird.

Glenn Kenny

@MiddleCat: Yeah, I presume he at least has a say, and may be involved in picking the design firm, and so on. I'll have to ask.

@Don: I hadn't heard that. Nobody tells me anything. It does seem weird. Something similar happened with "Two Lovers," no? At least this film won't have any of its stars going crazy during the promotional period. I hope.

Dan Coyle

What, there's no "FROM THE CREATORS OF KNOCKAROUND GUYS" on there!


I may come across as dense but I was kinda sorta hoping somewhere here can explain the usage of polka dots in the poster.
Other than, you know, they look cool.


think of it as being like a postage stamp ...you need to lick


Oh! Is that... oh, ah. I see.
I wonder if there will be a limited edition of the poster on which the dots respond to sense of touch.


Oh, that hurts, Dan. I'll have you know that Mr. Kenny was almost in that one, too.

Printed Balloons Northern Ireland


Yeah cool poster, but it's kinda hard to look at for any length of time, It would make your head spin :-)


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