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April 26, 2009


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Is this Glenn or the 'Erotic Connoisseur' speaking?

Aaron Aradillas

Is it possible to be equally interested in both?

Tom Carson

Do you mean his current biographer or the NYTBR's reviewer? For the life of me, I couldn't tell which one was the pot and which the kettle.


Hey Glenn,

What a fortuitous comment thread for me to come upon at this moment.

I just watched "Some Came Running" for the very first time, and I was hoping that I could discuss this great great film with you.

So many thoughts flying through my head... the parallels with "In a Lonely Place"... the ending... the reversal of audience expectations in the way that the film shifts focus (of subject matter) and setting at so many points...

email me, if you can and if you're interested

Glenn Kenny

@tc: The latter, pretty much. Although that reviewer's not the only one. And I imagine there will be more...

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