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April 30, 2009


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Have a good trip. Sounds like a fascinating event.

I shall be watching many films this weekend. Whether they're any good or not is up to fate, though I'll continue to make my puzzled, oddly fascinated way through Bresson, with THE DEVIL, PROBABLY.

John Warthen

Given the jauntiness of your prose, I would have found and enjoyed this site anyway. But the DFW presence cements the link. Your long commentary on editing his work was a keeper and I'm eager to read more.


I live in Phoenix and wish I could have gotten down to be a part of this. It's bitterly ironic that U of A is doing this considering the English department basically took a shit on DFW up until his first book was published. I guess late to the party is better than not bothering to show up at all.

I hope it went well.

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