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March 31, 2009


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Sam Adams

Reading this blog is becoming expensive.

The Chevalier

I thought the image accompanying the previous post made the point better...


Whenever I hear the words "I want to make a film that matters", my eyes roll in the back of my head. You're not making shit, you're just jumping into another genre.

Steven Santos

Haven't seen the film, but according to IMDB, the film is 1:1.66. A true original aspect ratio transfer of the film would have slight black bars on the left and right side of the frame which is not represented in the pics for the director-supervised transfer. So, to maintain framing vertically, did they stretch horizontally to keep the vertical framing correct but fill the 1:1.78 frame?

Account Deleted

People that watch television programmes in the wrong aspect ratio on their widescreen TVs make me mad.

That is all.

craig keller.

@Steven Santos / All -- The individual who made the master took the 1.66 image, chopped off the top/bottom for 1.78, and then re-squeezed the 1.78 image into a 1.66 frame and called it a day. Which is why the Koch Lorber edition looks artificially squeezed (because it is). The MoC edition restores these proportions.


david hare

Craig I have always thought Muriel was originally meant to be masked at 1.66 (from open matte presumably.) I no longer have the SBS TV screening of it from the 90s but this had slightly more headroom, and was masked down to some "nonofficial" ratio of something like 1.50 for TV. In any case I think the KL is completely unwatchable and, despite the necessity of having to now mask to 1.78 the MoC finally fixes the problem. But this surely then begs the question - how far away from the original elements are we? Cerainly the color values of this in first release screening for me (SFF 1966) were typically Sacha Vierney-luscious and fine grained. But that was then, of course.

Anyway I look forward to seeing mine (shipped on the weekend.)

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