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March 16, 2009


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d cairns

And yet, Wellman generally described himself as a hard-ass whom actresses didn't get on with. Except maybe Stanwyck. But he also seems to imply he was tough with them because he hated actressy pretense and excessive make-up, and was concerned to get at something human and real. Some actresses certainly appreciated that.


I am so glad that Wellman, along with other unjustly neglected directors like Leisen and Negulesco, is starting to get his due. I just watched Heroes for Sale and I hope to hear your views on that one as well -- I already wrote up Wild Boys of the Road, which impressed the hell out of me last year. Sarris dissed a lot of good directors in his book...

It seems increasingly apparent that I was unjust in including Loretta Young in my list of 20 Actors Who Give Me a Pain in the Neck (or whatever I called it). She really was a different proposition in the early 1930s. By the by, as far I know, the Wellman films came long before she had enough power to install the swear box. Back then she was a pretty young thing who could no more tell Wild Bill not to swear than she could tell Gable to shave his moustache. Accounts vary, but I believe the swear box was a feature during her run of "The Loretta Young Show."

Sam Adams

One of Ronald Reagan's wives, I forget which, says in the 1st doc that he introduced himself to her with something like "I hate working with actresses." He also fondly recalls coldcocking Raoul Walsh's wife during one of his early acting roles. He was clearly better with the tough pre-code broads than the delicate flowers thereafter.


Damn you, Glen, I have a full queue! Slow down on recommending movies that really interest me! :-)

Herman Scobie

Young gives an interesting performance in Zoo in Budapest, alas not on DVD.


Herman, Zoo in Budapest is way up there on my "WHERE'S THE DVD" list. Several of my regular commenters swear it's great, and that Young is wonderful in it.


Snap decision Glenn - my budget only allows me to get this or the swank new edition of Murnau's Faust. Which am I buying?


Mark VH: It may help your budget to know that Turner Classic Movies is showing all six of these Wellman films consecutively on March 23rd, the evening before the box set is released. The run will be interspersed with a couple of showings of the Wellman segment of Richard Schickel's The Men Who Made the Movies. Check your local listings.

Looking forward to seeing them again (and The Purchase Price for the first time). Midnight Mary is probably Young's best role. I much prefer her in this period.

Herman Scobie

In Sragow's Vic Fleming bio, he recounts how Wellman, Andy Devine, and their wives took a motorcycle trip from LA to Las Vegas, stopping for a catered lunch behind a billboard in the Mojave Desert, rough, manly behavior at its best.


I remember that Gilbert Adair wrote about Other Men's Women in his book Flickers: An Illustrated Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema. He also considered it an unsung masterpiece. I'm definitely going to hunt down that DVD set.

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