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March 26, 2009


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Mark Asch

Who was the musical guest?

Glenn Kenny

No musical guest. I only got as far as Brody's opening monologue, which was based around the idea of "twelve cinematic apostles."

If I were better at Photoshop (and if I had actual Photoshop), I would cobble together an Edie-Baskin-esque bumper portait of Brody, complete with SNL logo (hint, hint to any readers with such chops and software).


How was his monologue received by the audience?

I've recently been watching Godard's appearances on Dick Cavett (on a disc packaged with the Believer magazine) and am fascinated by the idea of him appearing on a mainstream talk show (the closest analogy I can think of is Lynch on Jay Leno, where Leno seemed to be mocking Lynch - but Cavett was entirely respectful of Godard, perhaps TOO respectful as he sometimes comes off as an in-over-his-head undergrad asking the professor questions.)

Oh, and I might as well ask, who are the "twelve cinematic apostles"?

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