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March 06, 2009


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S.F. Hunger

I don't know what movie this is from, but it looks like it could have inspired Anton Corbijn's video for "All Those Things That I've Done" by The Killers...you know, what with the cowboy-felled-by-dangerous-hottie thing going on. An amazing music video, and one that suggests what might have happened had Russ Meyer directed Jarmusch's "Dead Man." Very curious to find out what this actually is...


It's Elvis and Ann-Margret in "Viva Las Vegas." Right?

Glenn Kenny

Good call, George.

Really a pretty delightfully breezy film, teeming with all sorts of visual felicities, Ann-Margret herself leading in that category...

Dan Coyle

Actually, Jarmusch directing a Meyer script would be frickin' awesome.


I like a lot of George Sidney films, but somehow I keep missing Viva Las Vegas, including numerous airings on TCM and a chance last year to see it on the big screen. Darn it.

Ed Hulse

It's always been my favorite Elvis movie.

Glenn Kenny

For those who are properly equipped, I should point out that the Blu-ray disc of this is absolutely fantastic.


Darn, I was going for the Pixar animators acting out a deleted scene from Toy Story 2!


Ann-Margaret in Tommy is one well known cure for my impotence and ineffectualness as a man. One day I will realize that Lindsay Lohan is about as close as I'm going to get to having another Ann-Margaret. And Elvis kissed my mom in 1970. She slipped him the tongue when he leaned down from the stage to give her a peck on the cheek and he didn't stop her because my mom used to be a fox. Ken Norton Sr. "dated" from 75-76.


Way to establish the bonafides on your mom, Bub. I suspected you were just giving her the "familial bump" on the hotness scale that is de rigeur in most circles, but if KEN NORTON tapped it! She must have been smoking and I completely understand why Elvis let her give him a tongue bath.


I was going to guess a Sixties era French riff on American pop culture -- Godard, or William Klein, or Marc'o, someone like that. It's definitely a nice frame.

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