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March 24, 2009


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Thanks for that one.

Herman Scobie

The divine Antonia plays Cosima Wagner in MAHLER, dancing in a leather miniskirt with a swastika on her lovely behind as she converts our Gustav to Catholicism. The even more divine Georgina Hale plays Alma, dancing topless on Gus's coffin as he is about to be cremated alive. That Ken Russell--boy, is he a joker!


Haven't seen it - but have fond(!?!) memories of the sequel "Percy's Progress" (1974). The whole world is impotent save for our hero Percy.


Very much enjoyed your review, as always. I have not seen "Percy" but as a rabid Kinks fan it has always been on my 'to do' list. (Yes, even as I have been aware of it's notorious rep for some time.) I will disagree with your take on "the treacly "God's Children" but, so be it. As a suggested entry would you be into a "Great Soundtrack/Horrible Film" kind of piece? With your estimable knowledge on music and cinema, I'm sure it would make for an invigorating read. (and I'd probably learn a thing or two.)

"Percy" would be there for me, at least. For others, perhaps "Zabriskie Point."

Glenn Kenny

Preston, over at The Auteurs' my buddy the very estimable Fred Schruers also seeks to correct me on the "Percy" soundtrack. I'm kind of persuaded. One thing's for certain, the DVD's tinny, crackly audio track doesn't do the music any favors...

Ellen Kirby

"God's Children" has always been a Kinda meh Kinks tune to me (though Ray says that's where he put his "message" about the whole idea of penis transplants - that mucking about with such stuff was against God and nature), but agree with Fred about the other two, especially "Willesden Green," which continues to crack me up every time I hear it.

Ellen Kirby

And I don't know if I'd call Percy a great soundtrack. Beyond the four songs mentioned I think there might've been one or two more, and then the rest was fairly blah instrumental score.

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