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March 10, 2009


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I always thought he was a good actor. It's been years, but I remember him being especially good in "Seance on a Wet Afternoon". Also, he was Big X, so...

Still need to buy "10 Rillington Place" from Amazon UK.

Steve Winer

Yes, I couldn't agree more. TCM recently ran "Brighton Rock" and Attenborough was amazing. He's the perfect example of the character actor as star. Bill's other choices illuminate this: "Brighton Rock", "Seance..." and "10 Rillington Place" present a great rogues' gallery, yet under Attenborough's attention, they are unique and unforgettable individuals.


I'm doing research on film exhibition and audiences in various parts of Africa, and just the other day I came across some discussion of "Brighton Rock" in censorship papers from Kenya. The film was banned there not once but twice, since a film could be re-submitted after some time had elapsed. The particular concern seems to have been that the movie introduced brand-new crimes, such as acid-throwing...

I remember my Dad letting me watch "10 Rillington Place" when I was about 12 and he regretted it for days afterwards since I couldn't get Dickie/Christie out of my head enough to permit sleep.

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