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March 20, 2009


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The Chevalier

Here's your explanation. Which I understood after only about 15 minutes of watching movie and was subsequently confirmed to me by somebody close to the picture.

There is no temporal reality in the movie. None. No objective reality. All of the characters and situations are representatives, symbols, of the thoughts and experiences of the creator, his self-centered view and his creative process, hence: SYNECDOCHE.

It's like Eyes Wide Shut or Mulholland Drive, in that the narrative is functional only in that it's a series of scenes or moments one after another -- yet it's not really a narrative in the true sense, because there's no literal sense to it. It's a series of compiled images put together in a specific order to create an emotional reaction from the viewer, but these images don't actually fit together in any outward logical manner. You either go with it or you don't.

T. Holly

Love how Kenny makes up words, like miserablist and Warshovian, and how he mocks Kevin Buist at the end; he's a man after my own pure heart.

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