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February 03, 2009


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Hi Glenn,

My name is James Tatham. I've been writing a blog called Movie Waffle ( http://moviewaffle.wordpress.com ) for the past 18 months and I wondered, if you had time, whether you might take a look at it (you were my personal hero back when Premiere Magazine was on the stands, and I still remember your defence of A.I. - a great and much misunderstood movie). If there's the chance of a link through "Sites to see", I would be overjoyed.

Thanks for taking time to read this.


James Tatham.


That is a freaking brilliant screen grab. You outdid yourself there.

Randy Byers

Damn, those stills look great. I love Tourneur, and this is one I've never seen. Perhaps it'll show up in a Lucille Ball Glamour Collection here someday. Hmph.


Would love to see this again (I have an ancient VHS dub somewhere). Liked it a lot, and was able to get it shown in a Melodrama seminar when I was in film school, after a scheduled print of another film fell through. It was written by Charles Schnee, who scripted Minnelli's The Bad and the Beautiful and Two Weeks in Another Town, not to mention They Live by Night, I Walk Alone, Red River, The Furies, Born to Be Bad and Butterfield 8.

By the way, this is jbryant, who posts frequently on Dave Kehr's blog. For some reason I used a pseudonym when signing up with TypeKey. Really dig your blog (and its namesake is an all-time top ten fave of mine).

Glenn Kenny

Thanks, Yancy. Glad you stopped by. And thanks, James. Your characterization of me is very flattering, and I like what you're up to at your blog. I update my blogroll kind of infrequently, but I'll make sure to put you on as soon as I can.

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