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February 10, 2009


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Lou Lumenick

Frawley's character names at IMDB tell it all: Scoop, Snoop, Burnsey, Briney, Hoppy, Hotfoot, Mushy, Dusty, Bruiser, Bright Eyes, Soapy, Sunshine, Shakespeare. All those at Paramount, where he was more ubiquitous (if never as prominent) as the other Bill, the sainted Mr. Demarest, who replaced him on "My Three Sons'' after his death.


GLENN!! You wonderful man, you wrote up Desire!

Okay, I am off to read but first I have to hide my credit card ...

don lewis

My friend has a theory that Wilford Brimley was born at 70 years old and no proof of him ever being any younger than that exists. I don't have the heart to prove him wrong cuz that's damn funny.

Tony Dayoub

Sorry to correct the esteemed Mr. Lumenick, but Demarest actually replaced Frawley on the show while he was still alive, after he became uninsurable.

According to the book Meet the Mertzes, by Rob Edelman and Audrey Kupferberg, Frawley was none too happy, and would often visit the set to criticize Demarest. Eventually he wasn't allowed back.

He died soon after.

Glenn Kenny

Speaking for the uninsurable...

But seriously—Don, did you know that Mr. Brimley is only a year and change older than former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman? There really is something to the canard about rock keeping you young...

Lou Lumenick

Thanks for the correction, Tony. Frawley criticizing Demarest on the set. Now that I would like to have seen.

Marc Edward Heuck

Though he's not connected with the film at all, any time I see William Frawley I think of the "Salute to Doughy Guys" from the "MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000" presentation of TEENAGE CRIME WAVE.

"Doughy guys of the world, we take off our belts to you!"

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