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February 22, 2009


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Account Deleted

Have a fun time Glenn. I don't have much interest in who wins this year. I still don't get the fuss about Slumdog Millionaire. Would be nice to see Rourke go home with the gold though.

Owain Wilson

This year, like every other year, me and my pals will be staying up very late (or very early) to watch the Oscars. Here in the UK it begins at 1am and finishes around 5am, and for us it's this late-nightness which gives the event a certain special something.

We love to heckle the winners and writhe in agony at the acceptance speeches, but there's no irony in this house. The fact is, we love the damn thing - every awful/fantastic minute.

I've heard that there's some kind of interactive element involving the nominees. I have a suspicion that they'll be dragged into some kind of big musical number, or something equally horrifying. Oh God, I can't wait.

Glenn Kenny

@Owain: I'd love to watch the Oscars from the U.K., or Paris, some time. Enjoy!

Steven Santos

I will do my part in celebrating movies by watching a great movie or two tonight from my DVD collection.

I just don't have any passionate feelings about the Oscars one way or another. And, admittedly, the idea of watching celebrities get awards while most of us are struggling in this economy doesn't exactly appeal to me now.

D Cairns

I've never live-blogged anything except one episode of a TV show, which seemed terribly unfair, but I'm going to do the Oscars because it helps justify staying up ridiculously late in the UK to watch it, and if I don't watch it I have a feeling I'm missing out which is TOTALLY IRRATIONAL.

Gareth Higgins

Hi Glenn - good to hear you're taking a well-earned night off from live-blogging the show. Jett Loe and I at www.thefilmtalk.com are not subject to the same wise strategic planning as your good self, and so we'll be doing what you did better last year and the year before from the auspicious surroundings of Nashville's Belcourt Theatre, where the good Tennesseean film fan community raise funds to keep the arthouse going while watching the show on an enormous flat screen - I believe it's called a 'cinema'. Always enjoy what you're writing on your blog - feel free to visit ours; and most of all, hope we all have a fun night watching the awards.

Ryland Walker Knight

I live-blogged an A's playoff game once. I was alone. Tonight I got to laugh with a few different sets of awesome people. Now it's a lil iNet before a lot of bed. Can't say I'm thrilled by a lot of the "awards" or what have you but I can't say I'm invested enough to get worked up one way or another. Not when there's stuff like this to look at --


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