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February 12, 2009


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I liked this film very much too, Glenn.

My only problem with it was what seemed to be too much backstory for Leonard -- the bad love affair, the suicide attempts, the manic-depression, the medication. Thought it came close to turning him into a diagnosis, explaining away his behavior as part of his disorder, rather than part of his character.

Still, I thought it very moving. And it was nice to be reminded of how good Paltrow can be.


Glenn, are you ready and willing to buy Joaquin Phoenix as a ZZ Top-looking rap artist?

Tony Dayoub

Interesting how both you and Longworth had a shift in your opinions on the film. I find that for me, it keeps burrowing deeper and deeper as time passes.


I've never liked a Gray film--the last two were great ideas, poorly executed--but this one seems made for me. Perhaps it's because Visconti is one of my three favorite directors, and his White Nights one of my three favorite films, and "deliberately ache-filled romanticism" needs more proponents these days--aside from, say, Alan Rudolph, who seems to be on hiatus. And, by the way, I am both Jewish and look a lot like Joaquin Phoenix, so tell those jerk-offs to stop making weird presumptions about people's ethnicity based on their looks.


Joel, you look like Joaquin Phoenix? Are you single? ;-)


I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe the Phoenix family was Jewish before becoming cultists. I was also wondering if Isabella Rossellini's character is intended to be Jewish or Italian.


I am married, but thanks for the reassurance. I always thought Joaquin Phoenix was kind of weird-looking, and was shocked when class after class of students (when I used to teach) started to tell me that I look like him. I'm going to see this over the weekend, but Gray always disappoints me. Maybe, like Glenn and Scott Foundas, I'll get turned around by this one.

S.F. Hunger

Way to blow the whole Valentine's Day thing by only releasing this in NY/LA this weekend. It's basically a big Fuck You to the rest of the country: "Enjoy your He's Just Not That Into You, suckers!"

We finally got "The Class" last weekend in Chicago, and it was terrific, but I'm hungry for this. Lord help me, I'm probably going to see "Taken" this weekend.



Phoenix is pulling a prank, I'm pretty sure.

Claire K.

@Steve--Rossellini's character could be Italian *and* Jewish.

The question of "looking Jewish" reminds me of something I once heard Goldie Hawn say about her casting in Private Benjamin. Evidently the producers felt that there was no way anyone would believe her as a Jewish person; she had to patiently explain to them that she is herself, in fact, Jewish.

Herman Scobie

Hey, Tess. I'm a dead ringer for George Zucco.


I got mistaken for Pierce Brosnan once by a cashier at McDonald's. I assume she was extremely nearsighted, however, since everyone who hears this anecdote laughs in my face. I prefer to think they're just trying to keep me modest.

I actually like We Own the Night (the only Gray I've seen), overly earnest though it may be. There's a nice interview with Gray by Scott Foundas in the current L.A. Weekly, in which he at least proves that his influences are impeccable.

Scott Lemieux

I'm really looking forward to seeing this; for whatever reason, since seeing "The Yards" I've liked Gray, and I was much more forgiving towards the follow-up than the cliched structure warranted.

daisy zhou

i love Joaquin Phoenix!!!

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