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February 17, 2009


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Glenn, I just left a comment over at "The Auteurs...", so I don't want to repeat myself, but I'm really glad you liked "The Sorcerers". It may not be quite up to "The Witchfinder General", but it's still something else. Catherine Lacey is outstanding.

On a side note, I took your indirect recommendation, and recently started reading "Zeroville". What an odd book...

Michael Adams

For an article I'm writing about Ken Russell, I re-watched BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN last week for the first time in years and was surprised to see George listed in credits. When I went back to her scene, I saw why, as this still illustrates, I didn't recognize her. She was much more mature two years later in THE LOOKING GLASS WAR.

Few British actresses of her era have as many completely different but offbeat credits as STRAW DOGS, DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY, MANDINGO, and the wonderfully entertaining VENOM.

Glenn Kenny

@Michael, yes, George was quite versatile and, I think, thoroughly undervalued/underrated. Sienna Miller is a poor substitute for her indeed.


Recently rewatched Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and had a great time with it.

I've GOT to get a Region 2 one of these days; The Sorcerers sounds most interesting. I did have the privilege of meeting Ian Ogilvy a few years ago when he agreed to play the male lead for a reading of a screenplay of mine (he's a friend of the director). He looked fantastic and he did a great job (love his voice). As I fan of Conquerer Worm, I naturally complimented him on it, and he said, "Yes, that's the one everybody seems to remember." I'm heartened to see on imdb that he's been working again in TV and film after a few years away from it.

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