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February 09, 2009


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John M

Hilarious. Just a couple months ago, an actor friend recommended Patto to me. Word must be getting around.

Is their music only accessible via the import CD route? (Predictably, they're no-shows on iTunes.)


In addition to turning us on to a great song, this post contains maybe the single greatest tag ever in the history of blogs: Psychic Infiltration. I can't wait to see the next entry that falls under this heading.


Thanks Glenn, I was wondering who that was. Duly downloaded.

Ken Abramson

Amazing, your thoughts were the same as mine were when I discovered this trailer on Aint It Cool. I heard the background music and thought, "How did Patto find its way onto a soundtrack of a new movie?" See if you can dig further and find out. I may actually have to see this movie.


Do you think Anna Faris or Naomi Watts know the kind of power they yield? They must not, because if they did we'd all serving them day and night, and possibly fighting each other gladiator-style for their amusement.

Dan Yeager

So how many more Mall Cop movies are there in our movie-going future?
I like Rogan well enough but I think I might pass this one up. For me there was nothing in the least funny in the trailer. And something truly nauseating about seeing someone Tased for laughs. Can Abu Ghraib the Comedy be far behind?
Anyway, I know the point of the post was about Patto. I remember them well enough but they got very little play here. I'll definitely have to add them to my list. Thanks!


Of course, I meant "wield"...

Ian W. Hill

Thanks for the pointer and recommendation -- I've now acquired Patto's first 2 albums and am looking forward to them.

I only know Ollie Halsall from being in The Rutles.


I'm glad to hear someone else likes Patto.

Dan Coyle

I might see this just to put the screws to Team Breitbart, who will inevitably whine that this is the evil flipside to Paul Blart (which I haven't seen, but sounds better than the trailers had me believe).

Anna Faris is the real reason I'll see this, though. If I can put up with The House Bunny- and six months later, I'm still not sure how I did that- then I can certainly put up with this.


@Dan Coyle:

I've never understood why the conservative media fellates bad movies. NRO is running a (hideously disorganized) list of the top conservative movies of the last twenty-five years, and it's surprisingly less whacked-out than you might think...but number 9 is "Blast From the Past", because they think it glorifies the '50s. Seriously. Then again, they also compare George W. Bush to Batman, for reasons that are spurious at best.

What's really sad is that their entry for "Master and Commander" is well-argued...because they just quote A.O. Scott.


Mike Patto? Wasn't he in Faith No Mo?


The Patto revelation--I heard the same depressed plea from another friend when they saw this trailer--can be credited to none other than the film's writer/director, Jody Hill.


Jody Hill said that pretty much all the music came from his iPod at last night's screening at SXSW. And I'll add Anna Faris is pretty damn good in the movie too.

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