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January 15, 2009


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TERRIFIC trio of little-scene yet poignant screenshots. Nice to see someone honor the man without using broad-chested Khan or white-suited Roarke. Classy tribute.


I'm a big fan of Montalban in Mystery Street as well.

And totally agree with Burbanked on this. I think most people only remember him, if at all, from Khan, Roarke, and Corinthean Leather.

Glenn Kenny

Yes. One doesn't need to scratch very hard to find a really interesting screen presence behind those surface recollections.


Khan was a great role, though. "Star Trek II" is a pretty tasty slice of pop culture filmmaking in general, that I've seen dozens upon dozens of times, but one of the things that always amazes me about it is how Montalban and Shatner conveyed a seething hatred of each other using what amounts to videoconferencing.

Account Deleted

That's a great point Dan, Shatner and Montalban don't actually meet in the movie.


A few years ago, we ran MARK OF THE RENEGADE at Cinecon, and it was astonishing to see such a full-blooded, unapologetic Mexican hero in a 1951 studio film, and he was more than up to the task. One of the true giants.

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