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January 05, 2009


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Account Deleted

I really am going to have to shell out the pennies for Murnau, Borzage and Fox aren't I? I live in the UK and it went for £170 on ebay here the other day. Sheesh...

Account Deleted

Oh, and great list Glenn, thanks.


I love when Criterion digs deep for movies like "Blast of Silence". I not only bought that one this year, but also "Carnival of Souls" (an old Criterion release, I know, but part of the same unofficial "series").

And speaking of Criterion, I've heard that "Darjeeling" will get the treatment in the not-too-distant future.

The Boetticher set is near the top of my to-buy list.

Zack Handlen

Excellent call on Come Drink With Me. I sometimes wish Dragon Dynasty had some sort of subscriber service; I want nearly everything they release, and it would save me the trouble of having to drive to the store. (Although then I wouldn't get to impress the sales clerk with my knowledge of kung-fu flicks, so it'd be a mixed blessing.)

Thief of Bagdad from Criterion was pretty terrific as well.

Bill C

Nah, THUNDERBALL looks like ass on Blu-ray; Lowry slathered on the DVNR and the black levels were ridiculously pumped up to compensate. I really hope the second batch of Bonds is more consistently excellent.

Michael Adams

Haven't seen the Blu THUNDERBALL, but DR. NO has the sharpest images of any of the 30-odd Blus I've seen so far.


Any word on Carlotta's Kiju Yoshida releases? Was thinking about purchasing...know nothing about the guy, though he's evidently esteemed alongside Ozu and Sirk (who make a perfect buddy team).

Bill C

Absolutely, Michael. The DOC NO Blu-ray is nonpareil.


"Blast of Silence" was worth buying blind, and so was "The Naked Prey". I find increasingly most of what I buy instead of Netflix is Criterion and Eclipse. Words can't express how much I'm looking forward to their Shimizu boxed set.

craig keller.

Thanks for all the MoC nods, GK! One quick note, though -- I think you intended to type "multiple Mizoguchi sets", rather than "Ozu". We haven't released any Ozu as of yet, which isn't to say we wouldn't love to, of course. In any case, agreed that Criterion has been doing a great job with getting Ozu's work exposed to a wider audience. Their two Eclipse sets (the two released this far) are astonishingly great.

Glenn Kenny

@Craig: Ooops. That's what I get for posting at such and early hour....


I know you couldn't very well list every Criterion release of the year, but I believe their lovely edition of Alex Cox's WALKER came out in early '08, no? A big discovery for me and many others I'm sure.

Account Deleted

I've read that the packaging for the Murnau/Borzage set is a bit of a disaster and damages the discs, can anyone confirm this?

Chris B.

great list glenn... and thanks for giving me even more DVDs I have to buy.

I picked up come drink with me sight unseen and am dying to see more of the dragon dynasty collection.

and I agree with BW regarding Walker. I'd never heard of it before it came out, netflixed it and, as soon as I finished it, went to the deepdiscount buy 1 get 1 free criterion sale last summer and ordered it (ohmygodispentsomuchmoneyonthatsale).


@Chris B.

What killed me was Criterion's 40% off sale. I pigged out on Eclipse sets.

Glenn Kenny

@Mark J: The paper sleeves of the Murnau/Borzage box are probably not ideal, but represent an improvement on the way the discs in the Ford box were packaged. Speaking for myself, none of the discs in either of the boxes I own are/were damaged, although I could see this happening more easily during shipping than with some more conventional packages. That said, "handle with care" should be the mantra when interacting with these sets.

Account Deleted

Thanks Glenn, that sounds a lot more promising than i'd heard.

Stephen Bowie

What's a "Sheptinko"?

And, re: the Kiju Yoshida sets, he's an amazing director (the one major Japanese New Wave director who's unknown in the west), but the Carlotta DVDs don't have English subtitles, do they? I know there are fansubs in circulation for at least some of them, but nobody's given me the secret handshake.

Stephen Bowie

And yeah, it was a pretty good year for DVDs, wasn't it? Maybe the last one.

x-ray fluorescence

Nice..THUNDERBALL looks like ass on Blu-ray; Lowry slathered on the DVNR and the black levels were ridiculously pumped up to compensate.

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