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January 19, 2009


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Ian W. Hill

Aw, man.

Thanks for the lovely words and especially that photo. When I listed her as one of my "20 Favorite Movie Actresses" a short time ago as that meme went around -- http://collisionwork.livejournal.com/172175.html -- I felt compelled to use a picture of the deranged Sister Ruth, but I love her Susan for all the reasons you say, and hope that with the Criterion edition, she becomes as loved for Susan's warmth as she has for Ruth's menace (her Recording Angel in A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH also mixes some of that warmth with a quiet, shy dignity).

Acting Career

She is one of the best actress for 1940's. Her role as "Sister Ruth" her performance in that role is really great.


Ellen Kirby

Wow, I was just watching her yesterday, in Matter of Life and Death, from that nifty little Powell double-feature DVD set that came out a couple of weeks ago. ,Thanks for the fine words...and in addition to all the wonderful subtleties in those two performances you mention I'll just add that on a more basic level I thought she was sexy as hell in The Small Back Room and one of the scariest people I've ever seen onscreen at that moment when she emerges from the door at the end of Black Narcissus to kill Deborah Kerr.

Ellen Kirby

Oops, I just reread your tribute and realize that on first reading I just blipped right on over your far more evocative description of her sexier-than-hellness (sexier-than-hellosity?) in Back Room. Um, firmly seconded.

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