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January 20, 2009


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don lewis

Joe Swanberg was there and said you showed your penis in the film. He (and everyone) was non-plussed.

One more...
Sooo...if Soderbergh makes a movie about sex and improvises the dialogue and uses unprofessional actors, it's o.k., just not young folks doing it?

Thank you...thank you...I'll be ehre all week.

But seriously, this is now the only movie I'm bummed I've missed (well, MOON too). Congrats on your debut, GK!

Matthew Kiernan

Congratulations, Glenn. I was looking forward to the film regardless, and now there's another reason to go.

Any news on distribution?

Account Deleted

Haha, cool. Looking forward to it. Does Soderbergh ever sleep btw?


Well, I guess I'll have to see THAT Soderbergh film, anyway. And are you also going to be in his Cleopatra musical? You could see yourself in 3D!

Pete Segall

Re the postscript: "Apartment complex coke dealer" - wasn't that how Foster Wallace put it? I can't remember who he was describing but somehow I hear resonances...

Glenn Kenny

@Matthew: Yes, the picture is one of those HDNET/Magnolia deal—same distrib model as "Bubble." There was actually talk of it coming out in February, as an ironic Valentine's Day movie, but Magnolia's now pushing James Gray's "Two Lovers" (which I think quite good, incidentally) in that slot. Now it's looking more like a May release, with perhaps some more fest exposure prior. But beyond that, don't ask me. Nobody tells me anything. I didn't even know that Mark Jacobson, one of my writing idols from way back, is also in the film.

By the way, my disappointment at not being at Sundance is almost mitigated by this little hissy fit from David Poland: http://www.mcnblogs.com/sundance/2009/01/the_new_soderbergh_news_views.html

When I say "rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off," I really mean it.

@bill: Last time I saw Mr. Soderbergh, I told him, "You know, I was gonna try to take off a few pounds and audition for Caeser for your 'Cleo' musical, but now I see you've gone and cast that hack Winstone." We all laughed, and then Hemingway punched me in the mouth...

Sam Adams

You got more laughs than anyone in the house. Nice "review copy" reference.

Ryland Walker Knight

What if Woody casts you in the reprised, dyspeptic Tony Roberts role opposite somebody like Larry David? Now _that_ would be great. Or, if, say, D-Lynch remembers that 4-star review and says, "How about I get you to stick this screwdriver in somebody's belly, GK?" Surely the Wachowskis could cast you as Roger Allam's arch nemesis in _something_, right? I'll take my 10% whenever's clever.


Oh, David Poland. Will you ever win?

justine e

Congratulations, Glenn.

yes, I want to interview you.


Also looking forward to seeing you in this, Glenn.

By the way, that hissy fit from David Poland was priceless. I'm nearly reaching the point of not going to his site anymore. I roll my eyes at every sanctimonious post on his blog. And the comments section of his blog has turned into a gathering of the League of Morons.

don r. lewis

Hey swordandpen, I resemble that remark!! ;-)


Ha ha! Sorry, Don. I'll just hope the few reasonable people who post there like yourself know that comment wasn't directed at them.


RE Mr. Kenny's last comment: Great reference, sir. Great reference.

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