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January 13, 2009


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Tony Dayoub

Didn't know whether to post at the Auteurs or here, so I decided to do both:

What a fantastic Pinter (and Schrader) movie to revisit. The fact that it was based on a McEwan novel notwithstanding (I'm honestly not familiar with the novel enough to have an opinion), I find that the film seems to have been extremely influenced by Roeg's "Don't Look Now" not just in terms of its setting. There is the horrific climax, as well as the thick atmosphere of dread and inevitability that hangs over the film.


Funny you should say that, Tony, I told my wife it would make a great double feature with "Don't Look Now". Actually, couple it with "Belly of an Architect", and you've got the start of a marathon about... something slightly sinister.

mark ehrenkranz

glenn - pls call me i need to speak with you

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