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January 21, 2009


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Criminy, you sure are handy with a compliment when you want to be. I'm ashamed to admit that, while I know OF all these sites, I don't frequent them. Part of that is because I'm a bit late to the whole "frequenting of blogs" thing, but also, in the case of Girish, for instance, his erudition is so erudite that every time I've been to his site I feel like I'm in way over my head.

Dan Coyle

I think you deserve an award for having the balls to post on Big Hollywood.


What? I'm sorry, it will be a while before I can respond ... must install shunt to deflate my overgrown head after reading such effusive praise.

Your other assessments are dead-on accurate, however.

Keith Uhlich

Crikey, it's an honor to almost-but-can't-because-of-the-rules be nominated. Great choices all around, Glenn.


Wow -- I'm all chuffed over here! I haven't won anything since being voted "Most Likely to Suffer a Nervous Breakdown Before 30" in high-school.

Ryland Walker Knight

Yea... thanks for the non-nod nod, man. Glad we're "great" over here. Like, a lot. That's some rare company, I gotta say.


Shucks, thanks! I'm adding this to my C.V., even though "earliest" does make me sound like I should be wheelchair shopping with my secret bunkermate Cheney...

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