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December 09, 2008


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Bill C

That's disappointing to hear, Glenn, but your framegrabs are counterfactual. That letterboxed cap is what the disc will look like on *4x3* sets--whether it was "optimized for 16x9 displays" (i.e., anamorphically enhanced) or not--whereas a 16x9 example, sans zooming, would be windowboxed, with black on all four sides.

I realize you can't grab a true 4x3-within-16x9 frame in something like PowerDVD or WinDVD, but you could simulate it with virtually any Photoshop-type program. Barring that, you should maybe just say "black borders" and dispense with the illustrations to avoid confusion.


Man, I'm annoyed about that, and I don't even LIKE Antonioni!


Yeah, what Bill C said. I was confused about that too.

I'm still working with a 4:3 TV, partly because I'm more comfortable with the letterboxing situation on it than on 16x9 sets. If and when I do upgrade, it might not be until they come out with 2.35:1 sets, which is probably gonna happen before too long. Right?


Weird timing; I just put up a YouTube clip of the ending (not optimized for any screen, it would appear) and called it "Apropos of Nothing." Guess it was apropos of something, after all.

I didn't much care for most of this film - though I was glad to see it and would happily see it again, being somewhat obsessed with both 60s cinema, and 60s youth/counterculture.

But God, that ending. It has to be on a top 50 list of greatest endings in film history. Just...gorgeous.

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