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December 08, 2008


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craig keller.

Fantastic interview, Glenn.



Great interview. Irma Vep is actually one of my less-favorite Assayas films, which might show you how high I regard his work. But when is Cold Water going to be available on DVD (or is it already and I just don't realize it)? I've been hearing about it for years, but never had the chance to see it.

Elizabeth McKee

Sadly, Cold Water is beset with music rights issues that I doubt anyone can afford to resolve. But man is it good.

Alexis Fortier Gauthier

Cold Water, l'Eau Froide, is available in a french DVD boxset along with Désordre and Irma Vep. I'm not sure it has english subtitles (I land mine to a friend), but I'm sure it's enjoyable all the same (well, being french speaking and all).


great interview, thank you!

link added to assayas facebook group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=18322657619

Mr. Movies

Good stuff :)


Saw him interviewed at the Curzon in London when he was promoting Summer Hours, and thought then that he was a great interviewee (mind you, the last person I saw speaking at the Curzon was Lou Reed...) - but so good to see a filmmaker who seems to actually enjoy talking about their work. Saw Irma Vep for the first time in a decade a few weeks ago, and it holds up really well: that Brakhage meets Feuillade ending is wonderful...

Summer Hours just proves what an extraordinarily adaptable filmmaker he is - and Juliette Binoche's flourescent jacket was the most dizzying costume of the year... I know it's on another thread, but I was so happy to see Breillat's Une Vielle Maitresse so high up on your list: I've been telling everyone I've met since I saw it in May to see it, but usually to looks of utter bemusement...

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