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December 03, 2008


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Ya know, Dan, I think we should wash our hands of Rob and leave him alone with his overly simplistic, reductive views. As they say on the internet: "Don't feed the troll."


Oh, don't worry, unless he came out with a real corker, I was finished, but I never let that kind of sanctimony lie in film message boards. It's why we have to keep hearing about the brilliance of, well, pick whichever artist you find colossally boring. We'll never be fully rid of the mindset that watching good movies should be an experience not unlike being force-fed bran, but we should quash it where we can.


Ok...I have to preface--Eastwood fan in a huge way. In fact, just watched Gran Torino online (shame on me, but I will be going to see this when it goes wide.)

This film was a hoot, was touching, was gruff...was wonderful. Say what you want about it, but to be 78 and still capable of pulling off movies like this? Clint is a once-in-a-lifetime legend.

I am grateful that he is still out there, making movies on either side of the camera. However, I am saddend by the thought that he may "retire" from acting.

If this is indeed the swan song, then what an exit it is. I also want to thank Clint from the bottom of my cranky soul. It has been a fun, amazing ride, and it has been my priviledge to watch his work.


It's unfortunate that people with a fake Asian culture like Hmongs are getting this kind of attention. The Hmong's have always loved attention and have been willing to make up a story about themselves to believe it. Back in Asia, they just get their butts kicked. The screenwriter of this movie worked with some Hmongs at a factory once and probably heard all of the fabricated and exaggerated stories that the Hmong elders have made up since coming here and he bought it. Too bad...

Glenn Kenny

Vizzo, I'm not sure precisely what your point here is. That, rather than making "Gran Torino," Hollywood ought to make a film that shows Hmongs deservedly getting their asses kicked? What's the point of view you are representing, that's so indolently hostile to the Hmongs? On second thought, don't answer that. Kindly take your campaign against this film somewhere else.

Lovely to see such a message of human brotherhood so close to Christmas!

Tony Dayoub

Gran Torino does not disappoint. What a fantastic film, and all the more impressive for it being his second film in 2008.

All the structural problems I had with "Changeling" ( a problem I often have with his films) seem to be missing from the very tight and symettrical "Torino". And you're right, probably his best since "A Perfect World".

I can see its thematic relationship with "Unforgiven", but maybe because it's been a while, I still can't see how it ties into "A Perfect World" beyond what your friend Joseph F. spotlights. Can you explain your take on this a little more?


Great movie that can be found on http://gottv.blogspot.com

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