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November 03, 2008


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Maybe he was saying "Bye!" with one hand, and predicting the reaction of the public with the other.

I actually like him, though.

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, I've liked him in a few things—"To Die For," "Walk The Line," "Buffalo Soldiers," "The Yards," "Two Lovers," that "Murder, She Wrote" episode...

Still. What a maroon.


I'm sure he thought, "Well, since I wrote 'Good' first, that's the fist everyone will read first." Or, wait, did he do this in Japan? Or Israel?

Aaron Aradillas

Maybe he's tryin' to be post-modern?

Or, he's reprising his role from U-Turn.


I predict Joaquin will be back sooner than Jay-Z, Brett Favre, and Michael Jordan. And if his musical career is anything like his brother's (R.I.P.), then his return shall be swift.

Which I must say I hope it will be. I like Phoenix, and prefer him to almost ever other major Hollywood star out there.

Phil G

I'd be surprised if Phoenix stays retired, but what I find curious is that there was the need to make the announcement in the first place. If he doesn't want to act, then don't. If he wants to sing, then sing. Why does this neccesitate a statement? He's a skilled, I'd say underrated actor in some respects, but I doubt if anyone's crying today at the thought of never seeing another Joaquin performance. That picture just gives me douche chills, and if anyone's ever read or listened to one of his interviews you can be pretty certain that left hand/right hand thing was not only unintentional, but he's probably still looking at the picture thinking, "What do you mean there's something wrong with it?"

Jeff B.

I also agree that it probably won't be too long before we see his knuckles reading: BACK I'M.


His quote to the Extra reporter who 'broke the story' was "It's like greener pastures, you know what I mean?" "And so, I'm just going to try and like, I'll just be doing the other thing. ... Hopefully, I will emotionally impact you with that, as well." Emotionally impact you with that as well??!?!? Man he is quite full himself. What a pretentious douche.

steve simels

Apparently Phoenix was channelling the late Morton Downey Jr.


I agree his comments are moronic, but perhaps, in the interest of avoiding any misinterpretation, not maroonic.


Hey, if he's got the big pile of fuck-you money, why not quit? Somehow, though, I don't think he'll be our Setsuko Hara.


I do think his retirement is a loss. What I liked about him was he never took the action star route, like Mark Wahlberg, around the same age, for example. Also Phoenix might come back soon - it is the third time since the late 80ies he decided to turn his back.


"What a maroon" was what Bugs Bunny always said.

I agree, why bother with some formal "statement?" I mean, who cares?


Joaquin Phoenix is quitting the film biz to become Vincent Gallo!?!?
Does Vincent know this?

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