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November 25, 2008


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I'm with Dan E here, though I hadn't thought of the evolution-of-film angle. But I keep telling people that the film would be a masterpiece with the sound turned off.

Tony Dayoub

@Dan E,

That shot you refer to seems like a crib from Bertolucci's "The Conformist" (1970)

Here's the closest I could get to the shot from "Button":


And here's the shot from "The Conformist":


Ne c'est pas? Or am I crazy?


Definitly a different movie, but a good one. I watched it on http://gottv.blogspot.com and loved it!

Greeting Card Fulfillment

I still haven't seen this film. I love Brad Pitt but I just heard it was long and lost interest. I'll have to before it's out of theatres though.

Account Deleted

I finally caught Benjamin Button the other day ( I live in the UK). I thought it was a horrible movie, and a huge disappointment from Fincher, who's work I have loved since Alien 3 (yes, I'm one of the five people that liked that much-maligned sequel).

It was downhill from the word go, I couldn't make out a word the aged Cate Blanchett was saying, then it was simple-minded cliche after simple-minded cliche for over two and a half hours. Cate Blanchett was the least sympathetic love interest I think i've ever seen in a film, and I had to restrain myself from laughing when she starts speaking like her portrayal of Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator. Some nice shots, but thats it. All form, no content. Fincher just took a nosedive in my estimation, especially after the glorious Zodiac. Bummer.

Saw The Wrestler that same day, and thank god I did. Minor masterpiece.

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