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November 18, 2008


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Tony Dayoub

The post's title is from "Duck You Sucker!" aka " A Fistful of Dynamite"

Glenn Kenny

You're too good.


Interesting-- I just watched THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY this weekend, and Connery's a lot of fun, wittily playing off his Bond image and really getting into the caperish spirit of the thing.


What's interesting about THAT is the late Michael Crichton became so enamored of Connery that his lead characters for his subsequent novels (including "Congo," "Rising Sun," and "Jurassic Park,") were all based a bit on Connery, "Rising Sun's" "John Connor" being the most obvious (and, of course, Connery played him in Kaufmann's film version).


Thanks a lot, Glenn. Now I can't get that music from DUCK YOU SUCKER out of my head.


To keeo the word in play, interesting! (: I didn't know that about Crichton/Conery, but that explains a lot.


Glenn - THE OFFENCE is coming out on DVD (no Blu-Ray, sadly) in 2Q 2009 from a brand-new HD transfer.


I still think OFFENCE is his finest performance. I was at MGM/UA when he won the Oscar, and reissued it the Friday after the ceremony. It was first-run in many cities and did rather well.

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