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November 20, 2008


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Fujiwara's piece is bordering on impenetrable. It really is.

Aaron Aradillas

With Bogdanovich moderating, it's probably a good thing Jer will take matters into hos owne hands.

My introduction to Jerry Lewis was through HBO's constant showings of boht The King of Comedy and Cracking Up. Yes, The King of Comedy was my initial introduction to Scorsese. I think it had a perversely positive impact on me. I mean, seeing Scorsese's least Scorsese film first just makes the opening of Mean Streets/GoodFellas/Raging Bull/Taxi Driver all the more shocking to an impressionalbe kid.

And Cracking Up is a forgotten classic. The opening sequence of Jer trying to kill himslef and navigating the World's Most Dangersous Doctor's Office makes the film worthy of "classic" status. I even don't mind the obligatory dance number that usually disrupts the flow of the action. (Cracking Up's takes place during a bank robbery. The Bellboy's orchestral music number is one that doesn't work.)

craig keller.

I don't think I'm going to be able to make it there -- but anyone who is attending and reading this, PLEASE ASK JERRY THE FOLLOWING:

-What is the status of the new film he was supposed to start shooting two+ summers ago in Paris?

-When will we be seeing the post-'Family Jewels' Lewis films on DVD/Blu-ray?



I wonder if anyone will ask him about "The Day the Clown Cried". I bet someone does. They will probably assume that it's an innocent questino which will receive a reasonable reply.


If someone there could ask Bogdanovich about that $100 he owes me from four years ago, I'd dig it.

Bill C

Never lend a guy in an ascot money. Most of us learn that the hard way.

Pete Apruzzese

I'll be there, but I ain't asking those questions! :)


I will be there too but as much as I dig your writing, Vadim, I think that is one question you're gonna have to ask yourself.


Someone once told me that Buddy Love isn't based on Dean Martin, but on Sinatra! I watched the film again and it makes perfect sense. Would someone ask Jer if he's heard this before and to comment?

Pete Apruzzese

Good question, Cadavra. If Jerry seems open to questions that's a good one that I might throw out there...after checking his bio to make sure he didn't already say that :)


Sigh. I know I'm never getting it back. I still think SAINT JACK is great.

Horst Jorgner

Hello. I love Jerry. He gives me the funnies when I was boy.

Pete Apruzzese

The event was great - Jerry basically took over from Bogdanovich and was questioning Bogdanovich's note cards, which were filled with quotes Jerry supposedly gave him during interviews over the years. Classic stuff and lots of laughs.


Vadim could you enlighten us as to why the Bog owes you a hundred bucks?


Best moment for me was when Bogdanovich asked what Lewis's favorite movie was, and got the response "It's still 'Rebecca.'"

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