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November 28, 2008


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don lewis

I had the immense pleasure of taking Jim Kitses' final class at SF State and it was on the western. Kitses frigging LOVES Boetticher. Loves him. I, however, just don't get him but perhaps your article will sway me.


Glenn, your article identifies Peckinpah's THE DEADLY COMPANIONS as THE DANGEROUS COMPANIONS.

Glenn Kenny

Deadly, dangerous, what's the dif?

Actually, I fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Funniest thing—sometimes I really do miss fact-checkers...


fact checking part II: it's also Comanche Station not Cheyenne...

Glenn Kenny

Again, Comanche, Cheyenne...

Jeez, what the hell was I smoking when I submitted that? How did I get Cheyenne from...oh, guess I was thinking of "Cheyenne Autumn." Yeesh.


I don't know why I haven't commented on this thread before, but I LOVE Boetticher, or at least the few of his films I've seen, and I can't wait to pick up this set. "The Tall T" is just fantastic. You almost never see naturlistic performances in villain roles these days, but Richard Boone could do it in his sleep. And Henry Silva is creepy as shit.


While we're taking you to task: Zane GREY, not Gray.

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