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October 26, 2008


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They do indeed go to Battles. Have no fear.

Glenn Kenny

Good to know.

I rather like Battles. May check 'em out live myself some time.


In my youth I was a Rocket from the Tombs kind of kid. Soft Machine bored the shit out of me, but that may have been because I was on full set tweak 24 hours a day. My taste still runs towards the fast and nasty, though. I have heard Battles and I am trying to quelch the urge to call them wankers. Get with some Starlite Desperation or Cheap Time. But some sex back into your life.

Tim Lucas

SOLD! I love Soft Machine and had no idea this disc was out and about. And kudos to your Lovely Wife for enjoying it, too. I love My Own Lovely Wife dearly, but whenever I play Soft Machine (THIRD being my favorite Soft Machine, and now also my favorite Portishead), I hear comments like "How can you like this music? It isn't ABOUT anything." As the Kennys seem to know, Yes, it is -- it's about making something out of nothing and riding it over the rainbow, with elan.

Tim Lucas

Incidentally, there's a biography of the band out in the UK and it's well worth reading: SOFT MACHINE - OUT BLOODY RAGEOUS by Graham Bennett.


If you're looking for good modern prog, I'd recommend the Grails. No Soft Machine connection, but their new album DOOMSDAYER'S HOLIDAY sounds at times like the Melvins covering King Crimson's RED. Only with more beauty and quiet passages than that description would indicate.

Peter Nellhaus

I'll keep this in mind. I saw The Soft Machine open for Hendrix as a matter of fact, late Summer 1968.


Thanks for the heads up Glenn,

Looking forward to picking this up!

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