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October 28, 2008


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What are Kyle MacLachlan and Sean Young doing at that rug store?

Tony Dayoub

You could be describing late period Lynch, e.g. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, or Inland Empire.


Oh, so THAT'S why Kyle MacLachlan's at the rug store.

C. Jerry

Aren't you quoting from Philip K. Dick's VALIS?

Glenn Kenny

Indeed I am. I cite him at the end of the post. Is that not visible on your browser?

Matt Prigge

Oh man, Syberberg's Parsifal is fucking nuts. Not just because of the aggressive rear-projection and use of Nazi flags and such, but also because of how...bewilderingly...slow...it...is. Its four-plus hours vividly capture this feeling of living death, and frankly not even Tarkovsky or Tarr can make time disappear quite like Syberberg does here.

Which reminds me: oughtta break out that copy of Hitler: A Film About Germany that's been collecting dust on my bookshelf since January.

C. Jerry

Is that not visible on your browser?

Strangely, no. On my browser here at work, the last visible words are "What I am saying is that—" and then the post ends.

I'll try again when I get home.


Candy asses. I went to the opera - more than SIX HOURS with nothing much to look at on an almost bare stage but the singers craning their necks to hit those Wagnerian highs.

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